RO Water System

Easywell reverse osmosis system company designs and manufactures good quality of RO systems, water filters, shower filters. Easywell's direct-flow RO water purification has owned Innovation Award from Taiwan Government, in-line post carbon filters and membranes have been listed by NSF, all of Easywell's reverse osmosis water systems also have obtained CE certification. We own strong R&D team who reserchs and develops 1 or 2 reverse osmosis water systems and water purifications every 2-3 months, until July 2014 we own 70 worldwide patents including gooseneck drinking faucets, diverter valves, shower filters, water filters and reverse osmosis water purifiers. Easywell builds laboratory who owns 35 test equipments which runs 24 hours a day for testing any components of RO purifier, RO water system, water drinking faucets, diverter valves, filter cartridge, shower filters.